About Us

Faith in God Missions is "A Ministry That's Working." We are based in Hendersonville North Carolina doing mission work in Mexico, Haiti, Africa, El Salvador as well as the United States. We provide food and clothing to those in need and most importantly present them with the life changing message of Jesus Christ. We are "A Ministry That's Working" changing the world with the love of Christ.

Founder of Faith In God Missions
Rev. Lloyd & Loree Morgan 

When God called Bro. Morgan to preach in 1963 he, along with his wife (Loree) and daughter (Freida) traveled across the country singing and preaching. Not long after, he stepped out in faith with a tent, preaching the Gospel wherever God opened the door both in the U.S. as well as the foreign mission field. Rev. Morgan has always had a heart and desire to help others and see souls won to Christ.

Rev. Steve & Freida Bishop

When Freida married Steve Bishop in 1975, they started traveling with Rev. & Mrs. Lloyd Morgan. They were traveling for the Lord, holding revivals, setting up tents and doing work in the foreign mission fields. It is their desire to be a blessing to others. Continuing the legacy of Rev. Morgan and carrying on the legacy of Faith In God Missions, Feeding the Hungry, Clothing the Naked and Preaching the Gospel.

Joe & Stacy Lund

Stacy is the daughter of Steve & Freida Bishop. Stacy married Joe Lund in 2006. Joe was called to preach and they have joined the ministry to continue to win souls for Christ. They have a heart for a hurting world that desperately needs the gospel. They desire to be God's hands and feet with the hope that those who they encounter will come to recognize Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Faith In God is a non-profit organization and is funded by those who love the Gospel and want to be a part of “A Ministry That’s Working”.


This is the official website of Faith In God Missions Hendersonville NC

   You can be a part of this ministry through our online donations or mail to: Faith In God PO Box G East Flat Rock, NC 28726.