November Newsletter... 

"I just want to thank you Lord, I just want to thank you Lord. For everything you've done for me thank you Lord. I just want to thank you Lord, I just want to thank you Lord. For making me whole, saving my soul thank you Lord." 

It seems you can't turn on the news anymore without hearing of violence and devastation. From weather related disasters to senseless acts of violence, so many have been impacted in the last few months. When was the last time we stopped just to thank God for all He has given, for all He has done, for saving our soul? So many people are hurting and in need physically. We want to reach out to meet their need, but we also want to show them the love of Jesus Christ, share with them the hope that is found only in Him, give them an opportunity to accept Him as their Savior -that after all, is the world's greatest need.

We want to thank everyone who has given funds to help those who were impacted by the storms and flooding in the US and the Caribbean as well as the funds sent in to help with the earthquakes in Mexico. Our missionaries in these areas are letting us know what is needed. We are buying building supplies, cleaning supplies, food and water. Mexico has had over 1,450 tremors to hit the area in less than a week and have had several major earthquakes in recent weeks followed by even more tremors. We sent a tractor trailer load of food and water into the hardest hit area of Mexico. There is so much violence in Mexico, this tractor trailer was nearly robbed 3 times on the trip in. We praise God for his protection and provision in getting the supplies to the people. 


Flooding in Houston, Texas Church.      Sending supplies to Mexico.  Feeding children in Haiti.


Freida and Steve will be heading to Mexico in a few weeks to have Thanksgiving Dinner on the mission field. You can still be a part of giving someone in need a special Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner. It only takes $1.50 to purchase a meal, a $1.50 could change a life for eternity.

Christmas is right around the corner. Could you partner with us this year in sending funds to give the children a small gift for Christmas? A little truck or doll means so much to these children who have so little and opens the door for us to share with them the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray and ask God how you can help with these needs. 

Don't forget to be in prayer for all who have been impacted in recent months by disasters and senseless violence. Be the hands and feet of Jesus and a light to those in need of a Savior. 



In The Harvest Field,                      Happy Birthday Sis. Morgan -Nov 19th

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